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Welcome to Rebecca's Art Workshops for Children


Hi folks, welcome to my website. This is, now, the hub for sharing information, workshop dates and events. It is also the platform for you to check availability, book and pay for your children's holiday workshops, parties and other events. All very exciting stuff......and a major help in processing the admin, which is great! 

Feel free to take a look around and familiarise yourselves with the pages and, please, 

let me know what you think.

My Mission for every workshop is simple!

  • To provide a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment that allows experimentation, curiosity and access to new materials and mediums.

  • To recognise when one to one assistance or group learning opportunities are necessary, ensuring each child understands the task set.

  • To provide encouragement and constructive critique in a social, supportive environment that embraces interaction across a varied age and skill range.

  • To set a 'high bar' of expectation and challenge each young artist's perceived capability,  in order for them to reach their potential, at the time.

  • To offer every family unit, that entrusts me with a child, value for their money and a         positive artistic experience and end product, for their child.

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