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My most frequent enquiries!

  • How much does a workshop cost?
    Each, 3 hour, workshop is priced at £30 per child. This cost includes all the materials, paper and paints used for each piece of art.
  • What are the running times for your workshops?
    I mostly offer two sessions, per day, during the school holidays. The morning session runs from 0900 to 1200. The afternoon session runs from 1300 to 1600.
  • What age children can come to the holiday workshops?
    Any child who is 'of school age' and has started attending school, is welcome. Although, the suggested age is up to 11 years old, I have many children who have continued to enjoy coming after they have turned twelve and they will always be welcomed, too.
  • Can I drop my child off before the workshop start time?
    Absolutely! I will be ready to welcome your little artist, to their session, 15 minutes before the start time. There are various art activities, lego, dolls and a dolls house to entertain them whilst we wait for everyone to arrive. The same goes for pick up times! Ideally, if you can collect your child, and their masterpiece, within 15 minutes of the end of the session it would be appreciated.
  • If I book my child in for the morning and afternoon workshop, can they stay for lunch?
    Unfortunately, this is not something I am able to offer. Also, on any given day, the afternoon group work to produce the same piece of art as the morning session, so your child would create the same image twice.
  • Can I pay for a session by debit or credit card?
    At the moment, you can't, I'm afraid. I am working on that, so the payment process becomes even more simple and convenient. However, in the meantime, bank transfer is the preferred method and if you can pay it as you book your spaces, it is appreciated.
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