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My Vision and The Story So Far......

Rebecca's Art Workshops were born from a very clear sentiment and idea. I wanted to, firstly, explore and maximise the use of my own skill set and redefine what others, and myself, believed I was worth.


Secondly, I felt compelled to bring about a space that encouraged and nurtured the artistic creativity of young people. A place where quieter children could succeed and flourish alongside those with a more natural draw to the centre stage.

With 20 years of 'classroom' experience as a qualified Montessori teacher and wealth of personal and family life experience, from an introverts perspective, I was well aware that I had all the tools. What I really needed was the confidence. And guess what?........I'm still looking!


So, two years ago, took my first giant and terrifying leap of faith to make my vision a reality.....and I haven't looked back since. Well, only a couple of times, to try and measure just how far I've come!

I am still constantly looking for ways to improve my workshops and ensure that the whole experience is productive and good value for money. I count it as a privilege, not a right, to be doing what I am doing and I will always reflect and review, to avoid compromise on the standards I set myself, for my groups. A great example of this, would be, the recent addition of a second, daily group, in the holidays. This allowed my business to grow but was also a chance to limit the group size to 12 artists. That, I had realised, is really is the optimum number for a quality piece of work to be completed, in a timely and fairly relaxed manner. 

So, the workshops are evolving, at a steady and sensible rate, however, I remain committed to delivering on the core values, that I listed, before taking a single step on this journey......

  • To provide a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment that allows experimentation, curiosity and access to new materials and mediums.

  • To recognise when one to one assistance or group learning opportunities are necessary, ensuring each child understands the task set.

  • To provide encouragement and constructive critique in a social environment that embraces interaction across a varied age and skill range.

  • To set a 'high bar' of expectation and challenge each young artist's perceived capability, in order for them to reach their potential, at the time.

  • To offer every family unit, that entrusts me with a child, value for their money and a positive artistic experience and end product, for that child.

I am content that, thus far, I have delivered on these pledges and even stepped beyond with the inclusion of adding the opportunity for each child to have work displayed, at the Guernsey Eisteddfod 2023. But nearly every time I write anything, be it on social media, emails or, now, this website, I will always, humbly return to all the families that have, and continue to share my vision and embrace it. For every single one of you, I have nothing but gratitude and I will continue to be thankful and try my very best. As I said before, it is a privilege, not a right to be doing this 'job' and without your support it would be, simply put, impossible.

Rebecca. X


Testimonials and social media comments

“Rebecca is amazing! My daughter loves her workshops!"

Lauren L


“ 'E' absolutely loved the workshop and was so proud of his Halloween masterpiece that we've created a Wall of Fame for his artwork!"



“ 'D' had an amazing few days, again. Thanks so much Becky"

Simon and Karen


“Thank you so much for this week. 'A' has had such an absolute ball and has amazed herself (and us) by what she was able to achieve. It has been a real highlight of the holidays for her"



“Thankyou Becky for the three days the girls attended this week. They always love coming to Art Club and we love the creations they bring home!"



“Both my children loved coming one of the days last week"



“Loving the new art work for our walls, thank you Becky and well done everyone!"



“Thankyou Becky! 'N' had the best time, as always!"

Lauren S


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