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From Tiny Acorns

Hey folks, if you're not familiar with the saying, that this title is taken from, then the full expression is, "From tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow". This is how I feel about Rebecca's Art Workshops, which started out as just the seed of a thought, planted in a conversation, some two years ago. An idea and concept was sown and it has grown, very quickly, into a sapling, at least! The vision is still growing and being nurtured, carefully, in order to create something great. To encourage this growth the roots need to be strong and far reaching. So with that in mind we have moved our precious young tree into a much bigger pot! I'm referring, of course, to this; my shiny new website.....Forgive the indulgent analogy, I get a bit carried away, sometimes!

So, is an actual thing, now. Wow! Although, it's primary function is helping to handle the booking process and free up some of my time, spent on administration, it will also provide a platform for information sharing, story telling and be a great help to those folks who don't use social media. Exciting times, indeed. In many ways it represents a milestone in the progress of the workshops, as I feel that they are, now, running at optimum capacity and there is very little I could do to expand them, physically. The group size, of 12, is perfect for productivity, attention and timing for each project, so I wouldn't compromise that, by adding more artists. (I was over subscribed last Christmas, and felt the effects, hence the introduction of an afternoon session, during the holidays). Since then, it really feels like I'm running at my most efficient and the whole experience, for the children, is maximised and ultimately well as being productive, of course. The other way of increasing the business would be to 'up the prices', as competition for spaces increases. But that's not happening. I think the classes are good value and it is my, absolute, intention to keep it that way! There are enough price increases everywhere else, to worry about, so there's no need to be adding to that trend, is there?! The same can be said for the After School Club, too. That has steadily increased since it's introduction and is, now, running at capacity. There is scope, depending on demand, to add a third weekday, there. So who knows? Come September, that could be a thing. Anyway, what I have decided is that turning to the world wide web and launching a youtube channel, is the way forward, so you'll need to watch this space, for when that happens! If I'm honest, I'm terrified by the prospect but I've been assured that it is all going to be fine and, apparently, I might be able to employ the gardener, above! So that's a win! Oh well, you know what they say.... 'In for a penny, in for a pound'. (What's with all these wise old sayings, eh?). I'm shooting the first video, this wish me luck! Right, that's enough, from me, for now! Thank you all for your continued support. I am hoping that the new booking platform works seamlessly and helps the process run smoothly for both you, and I. However, if there are any teething problems, then please bear with me. It will all be good, in the end!

Rebecca. x

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