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TaDaaaaa! My Youtube Channel exists......

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Hey folks, some more good news! Rebecca's Art Workshops, now, has a Youtube Channel.

My intention is to upload an instructional video for each project I do at the holiday workshops. This will give children the opportunity to complete the pieces that have been done, on the days they weren't there. Hopefully, it might give you a little respite, in the ever- busy, holidays, too.

That makes it all sound rather simple and, of course, I am hoping that's how it transpires. However, I'm shooting the first video, today, so let's see how it goes, first, I guess! The thing is, that for every session I do, I have to paint the image, atleast, twice, so I know what I'm doing, and when. I need to know how long each part will take, when the process is broken down into stages. I need to know if there are some processes that are likely to need more explanation than others. And I definitely need to know what the end product should represent, as do the children. It's so important for them to come in and immediately see what there target is, for the session. Their reaction to it is often priceless and usually it's either a "Wow", or a "I can't do that". That's how I know where to 'set the bar'.

So, here goes another step, into the unknown. I'd like you to wish me luck but with that I'd like you join me, too, obviously. It could be a great idea, it might turn out to be the exact opposite but you only live once, so I'll take the challenge.

Thanks for reading my blog and for all the support and encouragement you so generously give. Take care for now,

Rebecca. x

If you'd like to pop over to the Youtube channel and check it out and subscribe, that would be brilliant, too. Here is the link.

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